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The Athenaeum Debuts New Website

The Athenaeum is pleased to announce the launch of its
new and improved website on March 1.

The Athenaeum collaborated with Clubessential, a marketing and media company specializing in private clubs, to provide a more comprehensive source of club information and services for members and their guests. Members can now access and manage their personal account, make reservations and payments online, and much more!

The Athenaeum is a wonderful benefit to the Caltech, JPL, and Huntington Library community as a place for fine and casual dining, social and special events, and hotel and membership services. For more information on our new website or joining The Athenaeum, contact us at 626-395-8200 or visit us online at!


Procurement Services Open House

Procurement Services invites all members of the community to enjoy refreshments, entertainment, and fun at their "Wild Wild West" Open House Event on February 29.


New Office Depot Account Manager

Purchasing Services would like to introduce you to Caltech's new Office Depot Account Manager, Charlotte (Char) Bland. Like our previous account manager, Wanda Musolff, Char will be on campus each week to assist you with all your office supply needs. Char can be reached at (626) 375-2793 or


Off the Clock: Art On Your Own Time

An awards reception in Dabney Gardens will take place at 3 p.m. on February 16. The registration deadline was February 3. In conjunction with the exhibition we will present a piano and cello recital by Julia Greer, assistant professor of materials science and mechanics, and Monica Kohler, senior research fellow in mechanical and civil engineering, at noon on February 17 in Dabney Lounge. For more information, contact Christine Boyle at or 395-1745.

Works on display will include jewelry, woodworking, drawings, oil paintings, watercolors, pottery, knitting, quilts, and photographs. Attendees will vote on their favorite items in the exhibition, and awards from their votes and from the Caltech Art Committee will be announced at the reception in Dabney Gardens on Thursday, February 16.


Red Cross Blood Drive

Parking is available in the California Boulevard underground parking structure.

Making an appointment is easy. Go to and enter your email address and date of birth. If you have used the online appointment system before, your information will display for your approval. If you have not used our online system before, you can fill out the form with some basic information that the blood bank will need. Then click the "Continue and View Blood Drives" button. You will see our blood drive. If you went to the site without using the link and don't see our drive enter "caltech" where it asks for the sponsor code. Click the circle to the left of the day you would like your appointment. On the next page, pick a time. Then you will receive an email confirming your appointment.

For more information, contact Christine Boyle at 395-1745 or To donate blood you must be at least 17 years old, weigh 110 lbs. and be in good health.


Important WebNow Update

This message pertains to all WebNow users. In order to improve the security and reliability of our WebNow program, we Caltech Business and Finance has made a change to the URL address where WebNow can be accessed. Effective as of Wednesday, January 11, 2012, the correct link to access WebNow is You are encouraged to click on this link and bookmark it for use effective immediately. The former link for WebNow has been removed and will no longer be accessible using any previous bookmarks or links. Note that your existing WebNow username and password will not change. The only change is the URL. If you have any questions, please contact your WebNow administrator.


IMSS High Performance Computing Service

The High Performance Computing (HPC) pay-as-you-go service is ideal for faculty and research groups that do not want to take on the considerable financial burden of purchasing and managing their own high-performance cluster or for groups that require supplemental computing power in order to satisfy imminent research deadlines.

With IMSS's HPC service, you simply pay based upon your monthly processor and storage usage. We recently updated the service so that Matlab R2011b is now available which includes improved GPU support along with many bug fixes. Many other applications are also available, such as Lumerical, NAMD, and StochKit, with more software titles being added regularly. For additional details and pricing, go to or email


Thank You from the Foothill Unity Center

A message from the Foothill Unity Center:

One of our "elves" wrote this poem and I think it says it all. I thought you might enjoy it and maybe share it with the HR staff. Thanks to all for your support.
- Catherine May

Angels and Elves
By Sylvia Miller (one of our "elves")

Some parents need help this time of year
To make Christmas morning a time of good cheer
For children who are innocent of the lot they are dealt.
Maybe there are Angels out there who will help!
Foothill Unity puts out the call
For Angels in local communities all.
Some Elves have gathered in a warehouse so cold.
There'll be plenty of Angels, for sure, they are told.
The Elves make up bags (for families who filed),
With clothes and toys and books for each child.
But Mary wants a sweater and pants to keep warm
But neither is around in her size to conform.
Dave wants some Legos or a skateboard for fun.
But searching the warehouse, the Elves find none.
Just as they are expressing their fear,
Lo and behold, some Angels appear!
The Angels bring Tigger and Winnie-the-Pooh,
Soccer balls, footballs, and basketballs, too,
Card games and board games, puzzles, and kites,
Erector sets, Legos, transformers with lights,
Novels of werewolves and vampires and bats,
Little Red Riding Hood, The Cat in The Hat,
Books for toddlers that go "Ding Dong",
Discs with movies and Justin Bieber songs,
Teddy bears, horses, dinosaurs, ants,
Big dolls and little dolls that pee in their pants,
Bratz dolls, and Barbies with clothes of angora,
Fairies and Dora, the well-known explora,
Big cars and little cars, fire engines, too,
Skateboads, knee pads, helmets (wahoo!),
Play stoves for making the highest cuisine,
And potions for turning Jane's hair red and green.

Finally much-needed clothes can be seen
For babies and toddlers and juniors and `teens
Skinny jeans, fat jeans, sweaters, and tees,
PJs and leggings and even undies,
More and more Angels appear through the door,
Angels who carefully watch o're the poor.
Elves are now busy, filling the bags
As fast as they can and putting on tags.
They're there at the warehouse day after day,
Filling hundreds of bags `til their hairs turn gray.
But you don't need to worry. The Elves will be fine.
Their evenings are filled with Motrin and wine.
Finally, the bags are all out the door.
No, wait! Late sign-ups mean there are more!
Too late to get Angels. More shopping! (what fun)
And fast-action Elves work to get the job done!
Distribution of bags is a sight to behold!
A thousand parents wait in the cold.
Needing help this way brings tears to their eyes,
But their love and their actions prove they are wise.
The warehouse is empty now. Christmas is past.
To you I'll leave one thought at the last:
Even though now it may seem like a dream,
Angels and Elves make a wonderful Team!

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